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EGP is a professional company in designing& manufacturing  types of industrial pumps for petroleum ,petrochemical ,fertilizer, coal chemical industries etc. With advanced technology and design standard introduced from Ebara Corporation, EGP is able to design and develop API standard high quality pumps for customers. Currently, EGP can provide pumps of over 30 series , 700 types .Our product range covers different utility occasions of high-temperature , low temperature, high-pressure ,high-speed ,etc

In March 2008, EGP introduced latest full range of YR steam turbines technology from Elliott Company (US). YR steam turbines have two type of backpressure and condensing types  for your option and  can meet the API611, API612 and NEMA SM23 requirements. YR steam turbines  are  found in a great diversity of applications such as driving pumps,compressors,fans,blowers,generators,sugar mill tandems,cane shredders,paper machines and other essential production equipment.

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